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I9 Form 2020

Form I-9 is one of the required forms that all employees must fill out and submit to their employers. It verifies identity and legal work authorization of the employee. The I-9 must be completed by all employees regardless of their citizens. So the U.S. citizens must complete the form as well.

The completed I-9 isn’t going to be sent to any agency of the government. Instead, you as an employee must hand it to your employer and the employer must keep it in the personnel files. The completion of the form is super simple and along with it, documents that establish identity and work authorization must be presented to the employer.

Filling out Form I-9 in 2020

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulates the I-9 and every once in a few years, the form is replaced by a new one. As of early 2020, the agency is working on bringing an updated I-9. Until the USCIS releases the new Form I-9, the current one (revision date 07/17/2017) can be used.

As soon as the I-9 releases the new I-9, employees must submit the updated form. If you’ve completed the current one, you do not need to submit the updated version of the form to your employer. However, if you use the current form after the new one is released, that I-9 won’t be valid.

The I-9 is made up of two sections. First, you’ll need to enter your personal information such as name, address, and contact information. Then, you’ll select your citizenship status. Select one of the following found on Form I-9.

  1. Citizen of the United States
  2. Noncitizen national of the United States
  3. Lawful permanent resident
  4. Alien authorized to work

Permanent residents must write down their Alien Registration Number or USCIS Number. Aliens who are authorized to work, on the other hand, must write down the expiration date of their employment authorization if applicable.

form i94 admission number

And Form I-94 admission number, alien registration number, or the USCIS number, or their foreign passport number along with the country of issuance.

The current Form I-9 has a designated part for translators and preparers. If the employee can’t read or write in English, the person who helped must complete this section.

Rest of the Form I-9 is going to be completed by the employer. So as an employee, you can just print off the first page of the I-9 and submit to your employer.

Get the printable I-9 from USCIS

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is currently working on bringing a new I-9. The current one is being used for over a year now. You can expect the form to be pretty much the same except a few adjustments and changes here and there. The sole purpose of the Form I-9 is to verify both the identity and the employment authorization of the newly hired employees.

Till the new I-9 is released by the USCIS, you can use the Form I-9 (revision date 07/17/2017) below.

Printable Form I-9

As soon as USCIS releases the Form I-9 that will be used 2020 and beyond, our link will be replaced and you’ll be updated.

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