The United States General Services Administration documents and information for per diem rates, federal pay scales, and anything else that you need to know regarding the agency.

  • Aug- 2020 -
    13 August
    Photo of Per Diem and Taxes

    Per Diem and Taxes

    Per diem given to employees are considered as reimbursements, therefore, it isn’t taxable. However, it can also be considered as…

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  • 12 August
    Photo of GSA Contracts Types

    GSA Contracts Types

    GSA handles government purchasing. Although selling to the government may seem impossible at first, the 2021 GSA contract types allow…

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  • Jun- 2020 -
    30 June
    Photo of New Stimulus Package

    New Stimulus Package

    The second stimulus package has been in the talks for a while and we now finally know a couple of…

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  • May- 2020 -
    22 May
    Photo of Per Diem Rates 2021

    Per Diem Rates 2021

    The per diem rates are updated by the General Services Administration (GSA) every October. Although the GSA is mostly responsible…

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  • Feb- 2020 -
    25 February
    Photo of GSA Advantage! Catalog 2020

    GSA Advantage! Catalog 2020

    General Service Administration runs the GSA Advantage! as an ordering service for the government agencies to buy from commercial companies.…

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  • 12 February
    Photo of How to Get GSA IT Schedule 70

    How to Get GSA IT Schedule 70

    The U.S. General Services Administration offers contracts to commercial firms. These contracts can be at the federal, state, or local…

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  • Jan- 2020 -
    31 January
    Photo of Per Diem Rates 2020

    Per Diem Rates 2020

    Per diem is the daily allowance that employers give to their employees to cover their living expenses when traveling for…

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