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The Internal Revenue Service shares the instructions to file Form 1040 in two different formats. Get the instructions as a booklet and print out so you’ll always have it ready with you at all times. The full instructions to file Form 1040 and Form 1040-ES is 111-pages long. 

To turn the instructions of Form 1040 into a booklet, you’ll need to have a PDF viewer that allows you to print out documents as a booklet. We suggest using the Adobe Acrobat Reader as it’s completely free to use and won’t charge you anything for printing out documents and turning them into a handbook. 

This will enable you to take out the instructions at any time you need. What’s good about booklets aside from the convenient use, they will consume fewer sheets of paper. A sheet of paper will allow you to read four different pages. 

Since there are 111-pages of Form 1040 instructions for the 2021 tax season, you will use roughly 28 sheets of paper whereas if you were to print out each page individually, it would be 111 sheets of paper. So you get to save not only ink and money but do something good to protect the environment. 

Turn Form 1040 Instructions into Booklet 

After you open the Form 1040 instructions with the PDF viewer of your choice, click the print icon or press CTRL+P if you’re on Windows, or Command+P if you’re on macOS.

Select the Booklet option as the type of printing. If your printer has the function to print both sides at the same time, select both sides. If not, print out the back first, then, the front. This is because of the order of the booklet that needs to be.

Upon printing out all the sheets, you can staple them together using a stapler gun. It might take a few tries if your stapler gun isn’t metal or if it’s just a basic office stapler. Mark the middle point of the sheets and staple. 

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