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Non-Filers Stimulus Check

The US Treasury and IRS is sending out the second round of stimulus payments. Those who don’t have their payment information with the IRS need to file a federal income tax return to let the IRS know where to send the funds.

In order to get your stimulus payment, you must file a federal income tax return and claim the recovery rebate credit. The Economic Impact Payments are formally known as this credit. The stimulus payments that were handed out in early 2020 were an advanced payment of this tax credit.

So if you haven’t received a stimulus payment yet, you can claim the recovery rebate credit. This isn’t any different for non-filers. Even if you don’t owe any tax to the IRS, you need to claim this tax credit on your tax return and you will get it as a refund.

EIP1 and EIP2 are Recovery Rebate Credits

Were you eligible for the first round of economic impact payments but didn’t get it because the IRS didn’t have your payment? You can also get it by claiming the recovery rebate credit for it as well.

The first stimulus has a value of $1,200 per qualifying adult and $500 per qualifying child. The second stimulus is half of that at $600 per qualifying adult and $500 per qualifying child.

If you qualify for the full amount of the stimulus as a single individual for both payments and you have one qualifying child, you get $1,800 for yourself and $1,200 for your children. So you will claim $3,000 in recovery rebate credit.

Since this tax credit is fully refundable, you will get it added to your tax refund. If you have any tax liability to pay, a portion of the credit will be subtracted but given that you’re a non-filer, it shouldn’t be the case.

Can I update payment information without filing a return?

This unfortunately isn’t possible at the moment. Non-filers could apply for Economic Impact Payments in November 2020 but the IRS now requires non-filers to file Form 1040 in 2021 tax season.

While you would need to track the status of your stimulus payment, you will need to track your refund. This is because you won’t be getting a stimulus payment. You’re getting the recovery rebate credit which will be added to your refund.

From the start of the 2021 tax season, you can file a federal income tax return to provide the IRS with your payment information. This is the only way you can get your recovery rebate credit refunded to you.

The recovery rebate credit can be found on Form 1040 Line 30. Make sure to file taxes electronically so that you get your return processed a lot faster. This will enable you to get your refund a lot sooner. In other words, your stimulus payment.


  1. Hello I cant hear and never got the $600 EIP I did get the $1,200 last year I’m on SS retirement state of Illinois never got a letter either for the $600, I owe IRS tax but been paying per our agreement what do I do?

    1. Hello Cynthia,

      Your payment plan with the IRS has nothing to do with your 2020 taxes. The recovery rebate credit is for your 2020 taxes. If you owe any tax liability for the 2020 tax year when you file a return in the upcoming month, the recovery rebate credit you’re eligible to claim on Form 1040 in 2021 will reduce the tax owed. If you don’t owe any tax though, it will add up to your tax refund.

  2. greetings I received both stimulus checks, i’m a non-filer with no income. since i filled out the non-filers online tool back in june 2020 and the irs has my info which both stimulus checks arrived with no problem. now i’m confused and i’m reading different things here and there online. my question do i still need to file an income tax return for a third stimulus check even though i’m a non filer, i have no income coming in and signed the non-filers online tool back in june of last year. plz help thanks

    1. Greetings Edward,

      No, unfortunately, you don’t get a third stimulus check as you’ve already gotten both payments from the IRS. There might be other tax credits you can claim on your return that are refundable though!

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