TurboTax Discount 2020

Without a doubt, TurboTax is the most popular tax software that there is. Its excellent customer service and easy to use user interface turn filing taxes a simple enough thing an 8-year old can do. When filing a tax return with TurboTax, you’ll be able to import your information from thousands of third parties directly. By doing just that, a large portion of your tax return will be complete.

TurboTax works with many companies that do finances so you can import your data. The ones you use may offer discounts for filing a tax return with TurboTax. It benefits everyone in three ways.

You as a customer, if you use services like Fidelity to handles some of your finances, you may use TurboTax because of the ability to import your data to report on your tax return. Given Fidelity offers $20 off on TurboTax products, Fidelity customers find TurboTax attractive. The same goes for TurboTax customers. Because you can import your income directly to your tax return, Fidelity customers are likely to choose TurboTax over other tax software.

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For these reasons, you can think of this as how small businesses refer to one another. This kind of relationship between companies will always benefit you by getting discounts. Currently, there are hundreds of websites and platforms where you can claim a TurboTax discount.

TurboTax Service Code

There are also service codes that are basically discounts on your purchases. You can get TurboTax service codes from TurboTax branded affiliated websites. Once you have it, you enter it before making a payment. To apply the service codes, login to your TurboTax account. On the left menu bar, scroll down and click on “I have a service code”.

turbotax desktop

After you enter the service code, a discount will apply. As for the discount amount, it depends on where you get it so make sure to do a little bit of research before.

Where to get TurboTax discounts

If you’re already a customer of a company that teamed up with TurboTax, you surely can get a discount. Look at the site of the brokerage firms or any other financial service company you have a relationship with. For example, Fidelity which we mentioned above offers a $20 discount on all TurboTax products.

Below, we have the list of some of the companies and unions that offer a discount on TurboTax products.

Wells Fargo$15

For Uber and Lyft, you must be a driver. Customers of these companies do not qualify for the TurboTax discount in 2020.

TurboTax Desktop

There is also another option. Instead of using TurboTax Online to file a tax return, you can purchase the desktop version of it. It costs considerably less than online filing. You can find TurboTax desktop at cheaper prices at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, Amazon, Staples, and Sam’s Club.

Between the TurboTax Online and TurboTax desktop, there is no difference. If you filed a tax return with TurboTax before, they both are going to look identical as the TurboTax desktop is the software version of the online version and vice versa.

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