W-2 Forms

Form W-2 is used by employers to report wages, salaries, or any other compensation paid to employees. Also, employees can use their W-2 to file their taxes properly. Get everything you need on filing and obtaining the W-2 and file electronically.

  • W2 Form Online Finder

    W2 Form Online Finder

    Form W2 can be looked up online if the company you’re working at has such a system that allows employees…

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  • When W2 Forms are Sent Out?

    When W2 Forms are Sent Out?

    Form W2—Wage and Tax Statement are sent out to employees to report the income paid and taxes withheld. When an…

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  • FAQ's about Form W2

    FAQ’s about Form W2

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Form W2 is listed below. Form W2, Wage and Tax Statement is surely one of…

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  • W2 12 Codes

    W2 12 Codes

    Form W2 is filed by employers to report wages, salaries, and other compensation paid to employees. On Form W2, the…

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  • W2 Form 2021

    W2 Form 2021

    W2 Form 2021—Wage and Tax Statement is for reporting income (wage, salary, and other compensation) paid to employees and taxes…

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  • Calculate AGI from W2

    Calculate AGI from W2

    Form W2 provides employees with the total income they earned during the tax year. It’s enough to start calculating AGI…

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  • 1096-Form-2020

    1096 Form 2020

    Form 1096 is a simple IRS tax form you will use as a summary and transmittal form for certain information…

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  • How-to-Get-W2-Online

    How to Get W2 Online

    Before the tax season starts, employers must complete a Form W-2 for each employee working for them. Assuming you’re the…

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  • w2 form 2020

    W2 Form 2020

    The Internal Revenue Service provides the Form W-2 for employers to report the wage, salary, or any other compensation paid…

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